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  • Win Learn Series Ruby Widgets

    “Simplicity is our champion.”

    Win learn Series are a collection of very very small ruby Tk widgets aimed to teach children the basics by creating drills(long repetitive tasks) to aid memorization. The second objective is to offer programmers a view of the capabilities and attributes of the ruby language

    Keep it short, please

    If you are trying to learn ruby, you may find sorting a wide spectrum of pages that show ruby at different levels of skills, from a "hello world" to a full fledged project like Rails. I present you here a
    "show and tell"
    option. Small widgets. Go ahead! download one or many(currently only one is available but more to come). Get them to work in no time, you will have to have pre-installed ruby in your PC (comes pre-installed in OS X and Linux). Look at the scripts while executing the file and connect the dots. And the best part, change them and modify them to make it work for you.

    You will need to have Ruby installed in your PC. You will need to have Ruby Tk libraries installed in your PC. The widgets are tested in: Fedora 7, Windows XP and OS X.

    I plan to include stand alone executales for users that don't wish to install ruby in their systems.
    Javier Isassi 2007